Janet Nash
"When you need a helping hand"

Holistic Home Care
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Jan was my caregiver and health advocate for one year, ending in July 2016. I can’t say enough good things about her and am so grateful for the care and guidance she gave me after I moved to Springfield. When I first arrived in town I was in a very difficult situation. I had lost all my ID and almost everything I owned, and thanks to Jan’s skillfulness and resources, she was able to get me all my new IDs including my driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate. She also signed me up with a primary care physician, connected me with Senior and Disabled Services, and then got my health care insurance set up. She later became my Home Care Worker through Senior and Disabled Services and helped me with my daily living requirements, medical appointments, and all other personal business matters.  She also helped me through my second hip replacement and that was not easy.  I was very ill when Jan first started taking care of me, and I really believe that I might not have made it without her. She is not only an incredibly competent and organized person, but she is loving, caring and we have had a lot of wonderful times together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing companion care giving or any other services.

- Brenda Arbogast-Parrott, Retired CNA


Jan’s been such a help to me. I have a chronic back condition that makes it very difficult for me to do any leaning over or lifting. Jan is always there for me when I need her help, and last year she even helped me prepare my little garden plot behind my apartment so I could grow some tomatoes and zucchini and a few flowers. I consider Jan a very good friend, and it is so comforting to know that I can depend on her when I need help with something that my back can’t quite handle. I would recommend Jan for anything. She has a lot of skills, and she is very capable and reliable.

- Grace Raphael, Spiritual Practitioner and Craft Instructor


My daughter, Jan, has been one of my greatest blessings.  She was a tremendous help to me and her mom when my wife had Alzheimer's, and she's there for me now.  I'm still doing pretty good, but at 87 years old I'm not quite as quick as I used to be.  Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to drive, so I have become more dependent on my kids, but they are all good at helping me with whatever I need.  Jan handles my doctor and dental appointments and she takes me to events and the movies regularly.  We also go on trips together.  She makes sure I stay active since I tend to stay at home too much, and for that I'm grateful.  She's also a great cook!  I know she enjoys helping people more than anything, and I think she would make a great caregiver for anyone.  

- Ray Nash, Retired Principal